Transaction History

Since inception, Cavanagh Witts Ltd have been involved with the introduction of capital for the following:

Enterprise Investment Schemes

Renewable Energy – £30m
Media – £10m
Healthcare – 11m
Hospitality/Food and Beverage – £5m
Storage – £3.7m
Technology – £4m

Real Estate transactions

Commercial property – £93.75m
Residential property – £295m

Corporate Bonds

Various bond issuances – £85m

Capital introduced to Asset Managers

Various managed portfolios and UCITS funds – £130m

Private Equity

Renewable and sustainable energy – £250m

In addition to the above, completed transactions, Cavanagh Witts Ltd has also had
numerous indicative term sheets and full term sheets issued covering a range of transactions
in our core areas of Real Estate finance, care and the energy sector.

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